Forging Kings: A Parent's Guide To Raising Conscious Men

Forging Kings: A Parent's Guide To Raising Conscious Men

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Forging Kings is not a parenting course, it is a course designed to help you get to know yourself, your son as well as the life he is navigating and how you can best support and challenge him.


Being a parent is the hardest job in the world no doubt, and something I have always wondered when looking at all the parenting books and courses out there as well as in my own arguments with my parents ha! Is this: why is no one speaking to the young men, why is there not a course designed to give deep insight into a young mans experience through the lense of a young man with the sole intention to help parents.


The Forging Kings course is exactly that. With the first 3 weeks holding a mirror to yourself, getting clear on how YOU want to show up as a parent, what YOU believe your role to be as well as devising a family value plan. structured conversations and a routine that takes the perceived "personal attacks" out of difficult conversations with your sons. The remainder of the course is focused on the life of your son.


From weeks 4 through to 10 I give you the insights you wish your son would openly give you! What life is like for him, what he's navigating, the obstacles he is coming up against and how you can utilise all of this knowledge to empower yourself to be the very best parent you know you can be.


Parents are many things, however, they are above all else, role models. So lead the way for your son by choosing personal development in order to gain a deeper understanding of masculinity, his experience and ultimately deepen your knowledge of parenting the next generation of men.

I grew up surrounded by some of Australia's greatest male role models in the Sydney Swans club, I captained my high school basketball team, represented my state in AFL and was a school leader. I then left high school with a strong desire to succeed but with little knowledge on how to do so.


I studied to become a health coach and Neuro-linguistic programming practitioner. I have stumbled, I have fallen and every time I have dusted myself off and continued on my journey. All of my experiences, the highs and lows of life are undoubtedly similar to the experiences your son is currently going through or about to go through. I have come out the other side and understand what helped me, what hindered me and how my parents played their role in both.


For the past 5 years I have dedicated my life to self improvement with an emphasis on mens mental health and masculinity and I am proud to bring this to market.


This is a one of a kind course for parents to get real insight into the life of their sons and how they can best support blueprint to their young adult lives as well rounded, respectable young men with a better understanding of what it means to be a man.


I will address the VERY REAL issues that they face.


I will work with you twice a week, one group coaching and one group QnA.


I will break down some of the generational divide seen in technology, social media, porn and social settings.


I will give you all the insights I wish I could have communicated to my parents when I was a teenager.