Need A Speaker?



Dylan can run a multitude of programs for your students. From emotional intelligence and well-being workshops to leadership, habits and value based critical thinking exercises. Dylan works with you and your school needs to develop running workshops throughout your school term and/or year to ensure that your students get the very most value out of the material and knowledge Dylan has to offer.


Dylan will sit down with your teaching staff to focus on THEIR well-being, THEIR mental health and the boundaries they need to put in place to ensure they can be the best version of themselves, to better show up in the workplace. With so much emphasis on well-being and student well-being, we often forget that we must first look after ourselves and ONLY then can we look after others. These sessions will help teachers and staff show up better for themselves so they can show up better for their students.


Learn about mental health and wellness with a specific focus on the role parents play in the lives of their children; how boys and men feel shame and what we can do to help overcome these problems. Dylan engages with your parent community in nights designed to open up a dialogue around supporting and empowering the youth of today.


So much in today's business world is about the bottom line, we often forget the most valuable aspect of our business; our employees! They come in day in day out putting in the man hours for the business to run as smooth as possible. There is so much mis-information regarding the health and well-being field that people in all walks of life find it too hard, too confusing and too expensive to live healthy. When we sacrifice our health we not only damage our bodies but we slowly lose the ability to work at our highest potential! We feel run down, we get sick, we take a day or two off work to feel that 10% better, to then go back to work and run ourselves back into the ground, BUT we don't have to feel this way.

Dylan has a range of topics he can delve deep on for your business and your employees. Dylan brings together years of study in the fields of mental and physical health, nutrition, mindset, connection and vulnerability as well as his experience from years of work in the men’s health space to deliver immense value to your organisation. Delivered in the format that best suits you and your needs: whether that is an interactive workshop or a simple speaking engagement.