Roos Men’s Wellness & Leadership Club

Roos Men's Wellness & Leadership Club is an invitation only event series based in Melbourne

Dylan (Health Coach & NLP Master Practitioner) & Paul Roos (Ex AFL champion and Coach) have created the Roos Men’s Wellness & Leadership Club to provide a safe environment and community for like-minded men to:

  • learn about health and wellness

  • acquire tools to live a well-balanced life

This invitation only event series aims to create a network of exceptional, high performing and emotionally intelligent leaders who come together to share ideas and support each other on their mission to live a successful life.

Why? Our Vision

The vision for the Roos Men’s Wellness & Leadership Club is to create the worlds most complete male leaders!

While attending a Mindful Mornings breakfast event (45 minutes of yoga & 10 minutes of meditation) Dylan & Paul realized that they were 2 out of only 4 males at the event. This triggered a discussion about the importance of “mindfulness” and practices that help men to slow down and in turn become better business leaders, partners, husbands and fathers. Both Dylan and Paul agreed that:

  • many men (particularly business leaders) often neglect their health and aren’t always committed to taking care of themselves

  • many vices currently being used to cope with wellbeing deficits amongst men are unhealthy

  • good leaders need to first be well-rounded good humans

Our Mission

To create a safe space for leaders to come together for honest conversations. We will improve in all aspects of mens wellness & leadership in order to better ourselves and have a positive impact on our community.


Please advise If you would like to bring additional people from your network ASAP.

Working hard to bring together event series that bring value!

To receive more information email Dylan Roos or call 0447008740.


Greenfields Albert Park
35 Lakeside Drive, Melbourne

Event Dates

TBC post Coronavirus