“I have, do, and always will stress the importance of family and surrounding yourself with the absolute best people possible.”

A Coach You Can Trust

A certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Master NLP Practitioner Dylan Roos has lived his entire life surrounded by elite athletes within the Australian sporting world. Using the knowledge he has accumulated, along with his passion for helping others, Dylan, is a dedicated health and performance coach.

Dylan grew up and spent the majority of his life in Sydney under the guidance of his father Paul; a retired AFL Hall of Fame player and Premiership Coach, and mother Tami; one of Australia's leading Wellness consultants.

Dylan went to International College Management Studies and graduated in 2015 with an Associate Degree in Business Management. As part of his course curriculum he undertook an internship for Elite Sports Properties. Here he once again navigated the world of high performing individuals and understands the importance of setting goals, having a positive mindset, and leading a healthy and active lifestyle; all components to being not only happier but more successful in any walk of life.

As a former basketball player and captain of his school’s senior team Dylan was asked to coach basketball for his former high school during this period of time. He also assisted and helped coach young boys in the Sydney Swans Australian Rules Football Academy having played himself at an elite level.

In 2016, Dylan also gained valuable experience as a media coordinator in a well-known marketing firm before navigating the financial markets trading on foreign currency. He is also studying to become a certified Personal Trainer to add to his wealth of knowledge around health and fitness.

Having been very fortunate to travel extensively, Dylan has had the opportunity to not only explore other cultures and ways of life but to see fundamentally that everyone regardless of region, socioeconomic means, race, religion, gender, etc… truly wishes to be happier and lead fulfilling and engaged lives.

Dylan knows that his passion with health and well-being coupled with his desire to help people has brought him to where he is now and it is from here that he has been working tirelessly to bring to you the best programs, retreats and workshops he can.

Dylan works with you to help navigate any and all goals you might have, with a heavy emphasis on living a happy life through healthy and sustainable lifestyle choices, Dylan will work with you in the capacity of your choosing through one of his many program options.

Dylan also runs specialized programs,working with men in the ever changing landscape surrounding what it is to be masculine; "it is important to not forget what true, healthy masculine behavior looks like". Running multiple businesses in the men’s space. One focused on challenging elite leaders of Melbourne to look after themselves better & another focused on championing and challenging men to “Be A Better Man”. Dylan is dedicated to helping young boys grow into young Men whilst also debunking myths surrounding masculinity.

Using his own journey and past experiences Dylan will guide you on your own journey, coming from a place of compassion and respect, and not from a place of superiority or judgment. With the main focus being on your health and your happiness.

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