Why Diets Will Never Work

Why diets will never work


Straight up, most of you if not all of you will have at one time or another endured a diet, and at one time or another put the weight back on as soon as you finished said diet. Well you are not alone, 95% of people who go on a diet end up putting the weight back on.


This states to me a fundamental disconnect that we as a society have with food and with the information surrounding food. Pick up a magazine, go on social media, search the internet and what you will find are countless dieting tips on how to achieve abs in 30 days, how to lose that gut, how to do this and how to do that, its incredibly overwhelming! Then when you do lose the weight these so called “miracle diets” do not cater for sustainability, they often starve you of a certain macronutrient and then leave you in the dark on what do do when you’ve finished dieting.


The reason you may be putting the weight back on comes down to two main factors.


  1. Bio-individuality

Every person is different, we all have various needs nutritionally and experience different lifestyles. To make a blanket diet, or set of rules for everyone and sell it as “the diet for you” is fundamentally wrong and unethical. What I eat and what my body needs are completely different to a 40 year old mother of two so why would we both follow the same guidelines?


  1. Sustainability

Most if not all of these diets cut food out, they put you at a highly restricted calorie intake, and starve you of foods you enjoy. This is all well and good if you plan on being the next Arnold Schwarzenegger, however if you just want to stay healthy, maybe lose a few kilograms here and there, then what you will be doing is starving yourself for 3 months of the year (dieting) whilst putting weight back on the other 9 (binging).


So! What can we do about it? The problem has been outlined but how do we look and feel our best for the majority of the year? Well the answer is quite simple. It comes down to understanding your body, eating intuitively and incorporating consistent healthy lifestyle decisions i.e GET OFF YOUR BUTT AND WORKOUT! There is no easy way to looking good or some cheat formula however it is simple. For me its eating adequate amounts of protein, getting good sources of healthy fats and complex carbs and exercising daily.


I work off an 80 – 20 split. I eat nutrient dense foods that work for my body and my lifestyle whilst also indulging in the occasional “cheat meal”. I want to be able to keep eating healthy for the rest of my life and if I can do that with 80% of my foods, I wont burn out and binge for weeks on end. I may not lose 10kgs in 10 days but I do lose 10kgs and keep said weight off for the entire year, and isn’t that what we are striving for?


To stay at a consistent weight, keeping a healthy body image and self talk whilst enjoying life and getting the nutrients we need needs to become our goal. Not getting abs at the cost of starving ourself of nutrients, experiences and our own happiness … all just for a few instagram photos!

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