To Hustle Or Not To Hustle? That Is The Question!

It would seem we live in an age where if you’re not seen as hustling, you’re not being seen at all. The hustlers mindset is one that puts work first and everything else last, with so many social media “influencers” pushing the hustle mentality to succeed and join the 1% of the worlds richest!

However is this hustle mentality healthy for us and is there another way? Now I’m not naive enough to sit here and think that you can achieve all your goals without putting in hours upon hours of hard work, however can we rather play the long game of hustling and not the short, impatient game of wanting it all now?

So for all those hustlers out there, or those who wish to take the leap from a laid back “i’ll get it done tomorrow so I don’t burn out” mentality, into the “i get shit done now” mentality here are some tips to help you keep going for longer.

Don’t question it… get your 7 to 8 hours in.

This is something I’m very passionate about especially in the regards to the business world or entrepreneur world where sleep deprivation is seen as some sort of trophy, to be praised. Let’s get this clear, the science behind sleep is solid, we as humans need our 6 - 8 hours sleep every night. Without it our mental health declines, our capacity to make smart decisions goes out the window, it kills sex drive, ages your skin and makes you forgetful just to name a few. So yeah… sleep is important for not only your health but for your business too.

Efficiency is the answer

Don’t be one of those people who are always busy, proud to be busy but gets nothing done *sigh*. You’ve done your research on what the rich and famous do; “i need to be up before the sun is up, i need to then go to the gym daily, I also know that to be successful i have to read a lot of books so let me read for an hour, oh now let me watch this motivational YouTube video and do some personal development with Tony Robbins”... the next thing you know you’ve spent the whole day being busy and gotten nothing done! Be productive with your time, you can have balance and still be working hard on your business, it’s just all about where you put your focus and energy into whilst you are awake!


This word can be synonymous with the hustler. You can find balance within a 10 hour work day, whilst getting 8 hours sleep, eating regularly and exercising daily! Let’s break it down. Sleep 8 hours plus 10 hour work day plus 2 hours of eating and an hour of working out equals 21 hours out 24. You still can do all these things and have a couple hours at the end of the day to connect with friends and family, go to a movie, or find some quiet time to digest the day. It’s also ok to take a day off here and there if you NEED to, if you find yourself feeling run down and on the verge of getting sick then it makes complete sense for you to take a day off and recharge, you might even want those last three hours to be spent relaxing doing nothing at all, preparing yourself for the next day!

Remember we want to be in the game for the long run and not work one 100 hour week and then work three 20 hour weeks because we are so tired from the 100 hours we worked at the start of the month. Four 50 hour work weeks are better than the above scenario! These tips go hand in hand with hustling, grinding, working hard to achieve our goals whilst keeping us from the all too scary burn out!

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