Living your Truth

Welcome to the first of many articles where I will be sharing personal insights to help you lead a healthier happier life. These posts will always come from an open, honest and vulnerable place. I hope my words serve as a source of inspiration and empowerment for you on your journey. To begin this series, I’d like to share with you my personal story or growth and how I came to step into living my truth.

 The last 4 years have been extremely full of growth for me. I've gone from living in Sydney, to moving back home with my parents to take on an internship in Melbourne, living in California and then back to Sydney again. I've experienced love, travelled the world, heartbreak, insane highs, poor mental health and some dark lows. It was however the last year that saw me really grow into who I am today. Four years of searching for my passion, working for various companies in a variety of roles, doing internship after internship, finding success as an entrepreneur and investor all led me down this path that I am currently walking.

Growing up in a sporting family, I’ve always been exposed to health and fitness as part of my daily routine. I’ve always been active and grew up supported to live a healthy and happy life.  I now see my journey with mental health and years of seeking my passion as things that happened to and for me. I've chosen not to got into greater details about these specific stories as its what I'd like to see us all step away from. The past experiences that have happened to us do not have to define who we are, we do not have to hold onto anything that no longer serves us.

The point of this article is exactly as the heading says; Live your Truth. So many people (myself included) attempt to portray this "perfect life" through small snapshots on social media presenting a "highlight reel". My story is nothing special, i've failed at many things and i've experienced some extremely dark times but i've also seen success and immense happiness. In my journey I have been blessed to have a small circle of amazing friends and a loving family to talk with and support me to get to where I am today. All of this is why I am so passionate about helping others through their own journey, because i've been on both ends of the 'happiness and successful' spectrum. 

So what does "Living Your Truth" actually look like? It’s recognising that we are not our past successes and failures but we have been shaped by them in some way or another and living your truth, is staying strong to WHO you are rather than WHAT you may think you are. I say Live your Truth because so many of us live our "story". By living your story, I mean, staying attached to events or mistakes we have experienced and basing our value on those events. These "stories" are not however WHO we truly are, and only through deep reflection and letting go of past pains can we truly move into our truth. As humans it's common for us to take on other peoples perceptions and judgements as our own truth. Constant negative repetitive thoughts around our story that are fuelled by the projections of others make it extremely difficult for us to rid ourselves of these lies.

So, how do you rid yourself of your story?

The first step in ridding ourselves of our story is to write it down and become aware of the thoughts running through your heads. So write it down, everything you think you are right in this present moment, be brutally honest with yourself. Then sit in reflection on what you have written and ask yourself "is this truly WHO I am?" Most of you if not all of you will say; "well no I am not these things, I am not the thoughts in my head or the projections others have put on me, I am so much more!". 

Now that you are aware of your story we can start to write out our truth. We must now deconstruct this false story and step into who we truly are. For each point of the story you wrote down write a new Truth opposite it or on another page. Start to see the person you truly are or, you might want to write down the person you want to be. Look deep inside of yourself and see your passions, desires and dreams, see the values you hold, and finally what you want to be known for.

Here’s a practice for you to try:

1.     Write down three things you want your close family and friends to describe you as. The answer will help you resonate with who you truly are.

This exercise is for your eyes only, so that you can become clear on your story and when you then experience someone projecting false perceptions your way, you’ll know it’s not truth. These projecting come from a lack of ability and willingness to grow and are intended to bring you down and are almost always a reflection of the persons personal journey and state or unhappiness.

2. Take your old story and burn it, throw it away, cut it into pieces; destroy it. Not only is this symbolic for getting rid of the old but it will help you cut ties with that story.


3. Once it is destroyed get your new Truth and put it somewhere you can see it daily. Continually remind yourself that this is WHO you are and you are not the projected insecurities of others.

 You may like to do this exercise once a year as your Truth is constantly changing as you grow.

So, embrace your shortcomings, talk about the hard times in your lives with your loved ones, and don't shy away from who you are or what you've been through but do not stay attached to your past, and strive to live your continually evolving Truth. As the famous poet Marianne Williamson wrote in "Our Deepest Fear"; 

And as we let our own light shine, 
We unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. 
As we're liberated from our own fear, 
Our presence automatically liberates others.

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