How To Eat Like A King/Queen Whilst Staying Lean

How To Eat Like A King/Queen Whilst Staying Lean

Wake up, skip breakfast, salad for lunch, workout, protein shake, salmon and veggies for dinner, repeat... This is the formula for 'success' within the health field, or so we have been told. 

With so much information out there, so many diets and fads going around it can be quite difficult to understand what is needed to stay fit and healthy. The above formula is one that can work and one that for most people will work in our pursuit for god-like bodies. However it gets incredibly tedious and for most people too difficult to sustain over long periods of time often leading to weekends of binging. 

So how do we eat delicious food when we go out for dinner with friends and family without sacrificing out fitness goals? Balance is the key. I like to work off an 80/20 split. Where 80% of my calories comes from nutrient dense foods and 20% of my weekly diet comes from, lets call it, fun food. 

Here are my top tips for eating like a king/queen whilst remaining lean:

1.  Fasting

For men, intermittent fasting is something I recommend to all my clients as its a great way to keep your body in a fat burning state without sacrificing daily calorie intake. For women fasting 2-3 times a week is also recommended as the research suggests anything more and the female hormones in your body will start to 'rebel'. If you know you'll be having a big Friday or Saturday night, then fast until lunch and keep your portions size small, until that inevitable blowout dinner that you've been looking forward to. 

2. Stay Healthy where you can 

If I know that I have a mate from out of town coming down to see me over the weekend I can all but guarantee that the weekend will be a right off. Time for some flexible dieting tips. Monday through to Friday will be clean eating, nutrient dense, high protein, low carb, green on green on green food. This allows me to enter the weekend having consumed all the best food and gives me leeway to indulge myself. 

3. Exercise exercise exercise

Calories in, calories out. Although some research is starting to surface that this may not be the case, for the vast majority of people if your calories out (energy expenditure) is higher than the calories you are consuming, then you'll refrain from putting on weight. Now this doesn't mean you should go and eat Mcdonalds and run for 4 hours a day but if you find yourself eating higher calorie foods then wake up the next morning and get yo butt in gear. 

Sustainability is what we are striving for. Balance will help in maintaining long periods of healthy eating, so let your hair down once in a while but try not to over do it. Let me know what tips you use to eat like a king/queen!

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