Finding The Internal Drive To Win

Its you Vs you

Working out day in day out can get real boring, real quick. At the moment, I’m training six days a week in the gym with three cardio sessions spread out evenly so as to give my body proper recovery time. I’m halfway through a ninety-day shred program and have been training for around 6 weeks by myself…. Yup, safe to say I am getting sick and tired of training in the gym alone and my motivation is wavering.  However, this being said I am yet to miss a workout and always at the very least get myself to the gym.


Here are my top 5 tips for staying motivated to work out:




Some days it’s just about showing up. No matter how I feel when I wake up in the morning or how badly I want to hit the snooze button I know that once I get to the gym or to the park or the swimming pool, I will workout. Once you are there you might as well put as much effort into it as you can muster. This doesn’t mean smashing out new PBs every time you exercise or always feeling 100%. This is about just showing up, getting through your workout and feeling a sense of achievement once you have. Like the old cliché says “the only bad workout is the one you didn’t do”




No one … I repeat no one is motivated 24/7. We all go through slumps, through moments of wanting to curl up in a ball and stay in bed all day. The difference between the ones who do stay in bed and the ones who don't, regardless of their mood, get up and get moving. They figured out that motivation is like showering, you need it daily. Listen to music, listen to your favorite motivational speaker, look yourself in the mirror and rev yourself up. Do whatever needs to be done to motivate yourself.




Define why you started working out in the first place. Find your motivation and use it daily. Whether it is to lose weight for a wedding, get in shape for the summer, or to simply live a healthier happier life, always come back to that reason and remind yourself of it daily. I like to set out goals and be really clear on four things:

1.     What my goal is.

2.     Why I’m striving for that goal.

3.     When I am going to achieve it by.

4.     How I am going to achieve it.

The stronger the WHY the easier it will be for you to stick to your goals.





If you do find yourself unable to workout and you do stay home, then don’t get down on yourself about it. We all go through slumps. The trick is to not stay there for long. If you miss a workout make a point about it the next day to get there. Do NOT turn one missed workout into two into a week of cheat meals and gluttony. Miss a workout? Fine… get over it and get after it the next day.




Everyone is different; so don’t use someone else’s routine and expect it to work perfectly for you. Find out what routine works best for you and implement it. If you find you have no energy in the morning THEN DON’T TRAIN IN THE MORNING. If you need food in your stomach for energy THEN DON’T TRAIN ON AN EMPTY STOMACH. If you can implement a strategy that will give yourself the best possible chance to succeed then chances are you will.


There is no right or wrong way to go about it, these 5 steps helped me to achieve my fitness goals and keep me motivated long after the feeling of motivation has left me.


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